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Eda TelehealthEda Telehealth
Eda Telehealth is an interactive telemedicine platform that enables hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners, to offer uninterrupted consultations virtually. The application is built on a modern and robust cloud infrastructure that enables private and high-quality virtual consultations. Built-in compliance with HIPAA, Eda Telehealth helps your agents coordinate calls in a better way and receive feedback from the doctors and hospitals. It also comes with key performance metrics that would help hospitals measure the quality of the care they provide.
One of the main features that make Eda Telehealth the best choice is that it’s scalable. It supports organizational changes such as physician staffing, the addition of new specialties, and more. Customization and flexibility are other unique features—the platform caters to specific needs of the hospitals and seamlessly integrates with their existing technology, without the need for a complete change in the system.

Improve your clinical outcomes by delivering seamless virtual consultations

Optimize your teleconsultation strategies without the need for an organizational overhaul

Increase your clinical quality with exceptional service and cutting-edge technology

Set key performance metrics to measure the quality of your healthcare


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Eda Telehealth

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Eda Telehealth

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Eda Telehealth

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